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eggnog with pasteurized eggs

Holiday Eggnog Recipes

Enjoy without any risk using a good egg pasteurized eggs! Classic Holiday Eggnog Recipe Of all the eggnogs you will encounter, this is likely the richest eggnog recipe you will encounter. INGREDIENTS12 pasteurized shell eggs1 lb. confectioners’ sugar½ teaspoon salt¼ cup vanilla6 cups heavy creamServes: 10 – 12 INSTRUCTIONSSeparate eggs into 2 large bowls – 1 for whites and 1 for yolks. Beat yolks until light in color and slowly mix in confectioner’s sugar, salt

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Poach’d Heating Instructions

Now you can have perfectly poached eggs every time – all you need to do is warm the eggs & serve! View four easy methods to warm below: Method 1: In Shell in Hot Water Method 2: Cracked in Hot Water Method 3: Frying Pan Method 4: Microwave

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