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How it Works

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Use Farm Fresh Eggs

A good egg™ starts with grade A, cage-free eggs from local family-owned USDA farms.

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Pasteurize with Water

Our process is all natural using ONLY water at a specific temperature for a specific amount of time. This eliminates salmonella inside the egg without changing flavor, texture, or performance characteristics.

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Stamp & Deliver

A good egg™ is always stamped with a "P" so you know they are pasteurized.


A good egg™ is being introduced to retailers throughout the country. If you can’t find it at your market, ask the manager to carry the only retail pasteurized eggs available.

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Liberate Your Kitchen

You can view our videos on the many ways to make your kitchen more fun while keeping it safe.  Visit our blog page for more ideas.

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Holiday Eggnog Recipes

Enjoy without any risk using a good egg pasteurized eggs! Classic Holiday Eggnog Recipe Of all the eggnogs you will encounter, this is likely the

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Be a good egg.

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